Nighty Night Cream


Key Ingredients




Biden Pilosa has similar properties to Retinol (Vitamin A) without causing inflammation.


Bio-oils;- Cotton, Evening Primrose, Linseed, Rosehip, Shea and Wheatgerm work together to bring dry mature skin back to radiance




At 3% concentration Revinage (Biden Pilosa)


  1. Increase collagen I by 24%
  2. Increases functional elastin by 42%
  3. Increases Sirtuin-6 gene expression by 2.4 fold
  4. Lightens age spots by reducing melanin and tryrosinase production
  5. Controls oiliness by inhibiting Dihydroxytestosterone.



Further data can be provided on request.  Revinage has not been animal tested.





This formulation contains a silicone elastomer which gives it bounce.  Its feels slightly rich and is absorbed quickly with long staying moisturisation.