Lay Back and Think of England Rose Bath Oil

Lay Back and Think of England Rose Bath Oil

Bubble Bath vs. Bath Oil?


Bubble or foam baths typically have high levels of Sodium Laureth Sulphate (SLS) or sodium lauryl ether sulfate (SLES) is used to 1) make the bubbles and 2) as a detergent.  SLS and SLES are very inexpensive and are used in many personal care products i.e. shower gels, shampoos, face washes and toothpaste.  At the levels used in cosmetics it is safe, however it is classed as a known irritant, and is usually formulated with other products such as betaine's to reduce the irritancy effect on the skin.  Not everyone reacts to skin but younger people or people with more sensitive skin are likely too.  Studies also show that the SLS becomes harsher with increased temperatures i.e. a hot bath.  Typical skin reactions to SLS would be inflammation, redness of skin, dryness and flakiness.


Bath Oils contain a base oil i.e. grapeseed, almond, and joboba are some of the best known ones. The more affordable base oils include olive oil, coconut oil, or even sunflower oil.  Vegetable oils tend to have a similar composition to skins own sebum and are hence loved by the skin and absorbed.  They often contain Vitamins and Essential Fatty Acids which have many benefits.  Essential oils would then be added to give a natural fragrance and for relaxing and de-stressing qualities you may want to use oils such as lavender, geranium, chamomile, and rose. For muscular aches and pains, you should try thyme and eucalyptus.


So in conclusion one will irritate your skin and dry it out and the other will condition and moisturize your skin – it’s a bit of a no brainer really.



Lay Back & Think of England from English Rose Cosmetics

The first 3 ingredients are:-

Sunflower oil – rich in Vitamins A, D & E

Jojoba Oil - very similar to natural skin oils

Sweet Almond Oil – rich in Tocopherol


Followed by Laureth -3 which allows it to disperse into the water so as not to leave an oily residue on top or even worse on the sides! 


I wanted a really strong rose fragrance, so that the whole bathroom smelled of Roses so I’ve used a combination of 5% Natural Rose fragrance and Rose Absolute which is very expensive essential oil from rose petals.


It is packed in a clear plastic 150ml bottle with flip cap, which comes in handy as a dispensing agent.